An analysis of donald rumsfeld as secretary of defense

They make life and death decisions when they come upon this group -- these two compounds, where we had the 27 detainees and the 15 that were killed. And you're in contact with the Afghan officials, parties to the negotiations with these folks? He appointed Rumsfeld Director of the organization with Cabinet rank.

'The right man at the right time'

In regard to Iraq weapons of mass destruction and terrorists, is there any evidence to indicate that Iraq has attempted to or is willing to supply terrorists with weapons of mass destruction? The idea of unknown unknowns was created in by two American psychologistsJoseph Luft — and Harrington Ingham — in their development of the Johari window.

We do investigate it. Have to be adaptable. But there is no change in opinion on the part of the people who were involved in the process, except for the fact that because people have raised a question about it, that there is an investigation going on, and people, as I say, have gone up there to take a look at it.

Analysis: Rumsfeld arrives in Beijing

According to his later description to Larry King, he stated at the meeting that "sometime in the next two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve months there would be an event that would occur in the world that would be sufficiently shocking that it would remind people again how important it is to have a strong healthy defense department that contributes to But there is no denying that Rumsfeld is truly a defender of freedom.

I can give you a couple of paragraphs on the subject. Rumsfeld left and the Commander of U.

Rumsfeld Skeptical Of Intel Analysis

These remarks and the award that came with them were in fact quite deserved by Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld did not specifically criticize or address the controversial intelligence report, but instead commented more broadly about the terrorist question that has gripped the political world since the report was disclosed last week.

Now, someone has said that these people were not what the people managing the Predator believed them to be. I haven't -- I have to go back and -- I'm sure when he said it, it was correct.

In his new book Known and Unknown, former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld provides yet more confirmation from the top level that President George W. So it's that combination of things that I would suspect led to the president's comments and to the secretary's comments. Rumsfeld dictated a four-page response to Anderson, labeling the accusations as falsehoods, and invited Anderson to tour his office.

Rumsfeld has posted on his website are precisely those same documents. Rumsfeld suggested that if U. So it's having the kind of effect, I think, that we want to have.

Are you worried that this is turning into some kind of public relations disaster where the headlines in the newspapers, the preponderance of them, are on mistakes rather than accomplishments?

Are you concerned over these two high-profile events and what they might be doing to the campaign, in the eyes of the world? To the extent they are there, and we then get involved, there's an early period where they're both there and they're doing somewhat different things, needless to say.

General Myers, I have a quick one on the Predator.

Analysis: Rumsfeld reveals huge base-closure plan

I went downstairs and helped for a bit with some people on stretchers. I don't know what the right word is. It has turned out that that is -- that's been true. In his presentation, Cheney said that Rumsfeld has made America stronger, safer and more secure today.

And I described how they were being treated; they were being treated very, very well, and properly, and humanely, and consistent with the Geneva Convention.

Rumsfeld Skeptical Of Intel Analysis

Rumsfeld served as the 21st Secretary of Defense from January to December And there is such a list, and it does indicate whether or not they have been killed for sure, or presumed dead, or in captivity, or at large.

And we've decided that it's not useful to announce their names because then, for one thing, it could be wrong because they don't always tell the truth, and for a second thing, it can tell everyone else in those organizations who we have and what types of information we conceivably will be hearing from them, in which case it makes it much easier for others to get away.

Now, does that mean that when there's an operation and someone suggests that it was in one way or another inappropriate that we shouldn't investigate it?

The truth is that plans for a post-Saddam Iraq were suppressed by the Bush administration. Senior people -- can you -- how senior? Under the new arrangements, as many as 12, additional American troops will be put under foreign battlefield command, a number that U.

Once in office, Rumsfeld immediately announced a series of sweeping reviews intended to accomplish this, and developed a new strategy for defense more relevant to the 21st century.

I wanted to see if people needed help. People will "rally" to the word "sacrifice", Rumsfeld noted after a meeting. We've heard nothing but problems lately.

It's going to take time and it's going to take a lot of work by people who are patient and believe in freedom. So it's a little different for them. The order schedules initial operation of ground-based interceptors, radar and other equipment a month and a day before the Nov.Nov 22,  · Examine the prospect of Donald Rumsfeld’s second term as secretary of defense under President Bush by reading and discussing the article “Rumsfeld Isn’t Showing Signs That He Is Leaving.” 3.

Analyze Donald Rumsfeld’s performance as secretary of defense during President Bush’s first term using the SWOT method. Nov 08,  · President Bush introduced Robert Gates on Wednesday afternoon as his nominee to replace Donald Rumsfeld as secretary of defense, saying the country needs a "fresh perspective" on Iraq.

Mar 30,  · Errol Morris recalls that when he first met Donald H. Rumsfeld, he asked that former defense secretary for President George W. Bush what he. It came from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and it carried an ominous note. “Please take a look at this material as to what we don’t know about WMD,” Rumsfeld wrote to Air Force General.

WASHINGTON — U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has quietly ordered elements of a long-range missile defense system to begin operating on Oct. 1, four weeks before the presidential election, according to a U.S.

military official (see GSN, July 2).

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Rumsfeld’s order appears to be a closely held secret. "There are known knowns" is a phrase from a response United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld gave to a question at a U.S.

Department of Defense (DoD) news briefing on February 12, about the lack of evidence linking the government of Iraq with the supply of weapons of mass destruction to terrorist groups.

An analysis of donald rumsfeld as secretary of defense
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