How to write a written statement of defence and counter

If the denial of a fact is not specific but evasive, then the said fact is to be taken to have been admitted. Whenever you have set-off the plaintiff has to reply to it.

You may be denying your presence at the scene of an alleged crime or denying that you committed a certain offence. The Defendant is entitled to and claim interest pursuant to s. Service of documents under this order is provided in rule For example, the first response you write on the defense statement should be an answer to the first allegation on the statement of complaint.

Non admissions You only have a short amount of time to prepare your defence and many of the allegations in the statement of claim may be outside your knowledge at this point. If you do not admit the allegation, the plaintiff can assume that it is contested and will set about gathering evidence to prove the allegation.

You may have other options as well. In other words, the court does not have jurisdiction over you. Admissions If you are satisfied that an allegation is true, you should admit the allegation. In addition to the statement of defense, you may want to collect additional materials to support your case.

Even if you are negotiating, your clock is still ticking. The issue is to establish if there was privilege. Where the claim is for liquidated damages only- please enter final judgment against the plaintiff as claimed in the counterclaim in default of a defence.

Where an opponent is alleging for example there is money owed, denial of this must be specific. Include the physical address of the parties and their contact information, such as their phone number.

The response can be a denial, an admission or a non-admission to the allegations contained in the statement of claim. In the case of libel where one admits the facts but avers qualified privilege. The Statement of Claim should be drafted as a series of numbered paragraphs, sometimes with sub-paragraphs.

How to Write a Defense Statement

If your Defence is unreasonably long, it could make the proceedings lengthy and difficult to defend, or you may find that parts of your defence are "struck out". The written statement must deal specifically with each allegation of fact in the plaint and when a defendant denies any such fact, he must not do so evasively but answer the point of substance.

How to Write a Letter to Defend Myself in Court

Joinder of issues — where there is a joinder of issues one need not traverse allegations contained in that pleading but there is a joinder of issues in the last pleading filed unless that pleading raises allegations which must be traversed.

When the plaintiff gave the defendant the written contract signed by the plaintiff, the defendant told the plaintiff that the property was too expensive and she would not sign the contract.

On the other hand, raising a point of law helps in defining and isolating an issue or question of law on the facts as pleaded.

This is where you set out the reasons why you are defending the claim - why the plaintiff should not be awarded the damages they are after.

You can also assert a legal defense. A non-complying defence would read as follows: Rule of the UCPR sets out the obligations that you will have if you plead a non admission in your defence.

This factsheet will help you complete the defence. Keep both your notice of intention to defend and your defence together - those 2 documents combined make up your defence. The defence is to be accompanied by verifying affidavit where there is a counterclaimlist of witnesses and statements and copies of documents.

If you are being sued over a consumer debt or a loan a credit card or medical debt, for example and you have decided to file an answer, use this form: Here is an example of compulsory vs. This is an overview of your defence, for example self defence may characterise your defence.

This, however, does not mean that a written statement containing a plea of set-off is to be treated as a plaint in all respects and for all purposes.

How to write a defence statement

If there are witnesses who support your case, interview them and keep notes. As aforementioned the Defendant did not have sight of the Constitution at the time of signing the Contract.

Where a counterclaim is seeking general and special damages, one cannot ask for final judgment, as one can only ask for final judgment on the case of special damages otherwise for general damages one would ask for interlocutory Judgment.

See rule of the UCPR for more information about how to deny an allegation and the effect that a denial will have on the future of the proceedings. A better defence would be: The Defence is to inform the Plaintiff precisely how much of the statement of the claim the Defendant relies on to defeat the claim of the Plaintiff.

If so, it may be cheaper to negotiate payment of the debt, rather than defending the claim. It requires what a written statement should contain.

Costs to be assessed.Part 22 requires a defence to be verified by a statement of truth. The form of the statement of truth is as follows: ‘[I believe][the defendant believes] that the facts stated in this defence are true.’.

Check over the statement of defence, and anything you missed or can explain or you may need to counter what they said in their statement of defense, Then put in a amended statement of Claim make sure you include what you disagree on in your “reply to the defence.

How to Write a Defense Statement

May 14,  · Expert Reviewed. How to Write an Affidavit. Three Parts: Including the Basics Writing the Statement Sample Affidavit Community Q&A An affidavit is a written statement that has been notarized.

If you need an affidavit for a court case or other legal reasons, preparing one is easy if you know the guidelines%().

Examples of Statement of Defence

Feb 06,  · No pleading subsequent to the written statement of a defendant other than by way of defence to set-off or counter-claim shall be presented except by the leave of the Court and upon such terms as the Court thinks fit: but the Court may at any time require a written statement or additional written statement from any of the parties and.

words on the page. If you can write your entire paper without ever needing to cite the text, chances are good you are writing about ideas of your own (perhaps) “inspired” by the text, but not about your critical analysis of the reasoning the author offers in support of some claim.

The most important task of your defence is to respond to the allegations made by the plaintiff in the Statement of Claim.


To commence proceedings, the plaintiff has filed two court documents - a Claim (Form 2), and a Statement of Claim (Form 16).

How to write a written statement of defence and counter
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