The background information of the country of turkey

Because men should not lower their wives' standard of living, they are not supposed to marry women of a higher economic class. Both classes prefer to speak an educated Istanbul style of standard Turkish.

The figures for the unconsented arranged marriages ranged from 7. In the s, the Bauhaus school with its emphasis on mass production influenced the construction of middle-class urban housing in Ankara and some other cities.

It controls a huge investment fund of obligatory and voluntary contributions from military personnel and investment profits. The Portuguese presence in the Indian Ocean was perceived as a threat to the Ottoman monopoly over the ancient trade routes between East Asia and Western Europe. He created a new political and legal system, abolished the sultanate and caliphate, made both government and education secular, gave equal rights to women, changed the Arabic script to a Roman alphabet and number system, and advanced Turkey's industry, agriculture, arts, and sciences.

Holod, Renata, and Ahmet Evin. Many large farms have been converted into modern agricultural enterprises that employ machinery, irrigation, and chemical fertilizers. Only a small percentage of women are politicians. Every year an unknown number of people are incarcerated for illegal political activity and thought crimes, such as advocating an Islamic state or cultural rights for an ethnic minority.

The peasant and rural classes are the least exposed to Western and urban influences in dress, styles, language, and music.

A Brief Outline of Turkish History

The Marmara—Istanbul region, a crossroads of Europe and Asia, is the most densely settled, commercial, industrial, and touristic region. Turkey occupies Asia Minor and a small portion of Europe. The decline of the Ottoman Empire led to a rise in nationalist sentiment among its various subject peoplesleading to increased ethnic tensions which occasionally burst into violence, such as the Hamidian massacres of Armenians.

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They also live in high-priced apartments and try to possess Western luxury items, such as cars, electronic devices, cell phones, and computers. Leaders of the new republic wanted a different architecture that would proclaim their new vision of a Western, secular nation-state. In some of the southern provinces the special meal for that Fishing is an important facet of the Turkish economy.

Ninety-eight percent of Turks are nominally Muslim. Consequently, military corporate interests expanded into the areas of labor law, trade unionism, trade and monetary policy, corporate taxation, tariffs, investment banking, and related matters.

According to tradition, Ashure must contain at least fifteen different ingredients, such as peas, beans, almonds, cereals, rice, raisins, rosewater, pomegranate seeds, orange peels, figs, and cinnamon. School attendance is compulsory to age Ottoman Empire The Ottoman beylik's first capital was located in Bursa in Fathers are authoritarian disciplinarians; mothers are generally loving and nurturing.

In the countryside and among recent migrants to the cities, folk medicine is still practiced. Many live in poverty in the shantytowns that ring the major cities. Sweet deserts, such as baklava, are served on special occasions.

Turkey Google Satellite Map

The first day of class constitutes an important rite of passage. A series of sultans waged war on many fronts and extended the territory controlled by the Ottomans. The Presidential Symphony Orchestra gives concerts both in Ankara and on tour.

In the Indian Oceanthe Ottoman navy frequently confronted Portuguese fleets in order to defend its traditional monopoly over the maritime trade routes between East Asia and Western Europe ; these routes faced new competition with the Portuguese discovery of the Cape of Good Hope in West of Antalya a complex series of ridges with a north-south trend reaches 6, to 8, feet 2, to 2, metresbut the most prominent feature is the massive Taurus Toros mountain system, running parallel to the Mediterranean coast and extending along the southern border.

European Union—Turkey Customs Union The Customs Union between the EU and Turkey in the view of both sides needs an upgrade to accommodate developments since its conclusion; however, as oftechnical negotiations to upgrade the customs union agreement to the advantage of both sides are complicated by ongoing tension between Ankara and Brussels.

The Black Sea peoples settled and farmed the valleys and narrow alluvial fans of the area's rivers, developing a form of steep slope agriculture to grow vegetables and fruits. Today the Ministry of Education operates thousands of basic and advanced vocational and technical schools for males and females.

Even though most households have always contained only one nuclear family, the ideal household, especially among the rural and urban wealthy, was patrilocal extended, in which a son and his bride lived in his parents' home after marriage.

The population was estimated at 64, with 65 percent of the people living in urban areas and 35 percent in some thirty-five thousand villages. In a group of young Turks led a successful revolution to regain control of the empire and introduced many civil and social reforms.

Even though the law prohibits parents from entering into engagement or marital agreements on behalf of their children, arranged marriages without the consent of the brides have been somewhat common.

Women in Modern Turkish Society Most books in the series deal with a single foreign country, but a few cover several countries or a geographic region.

Understanding the World, its People, and Cultures

The government also offers social security insurance to the self-employed and operates orphanages. Turks expect adults to marry and have children, and the vast majority do. Turkey's PoliticsAs a Chevening Alumnus, you are part of a 50, strong network of global leaders, influencers and change-makers.

We often celebrate outstanding individual alumni who are leading in their country or sector, but today we’d like to introduce you to two alumni who have pooled their skills and talents together to make a positive change in Turkey.

Google maps Turkey gazetteer. Complete list of google satellite map locations in Turkey. Get the Amnesty International Report /18 Documenting the state of human rights in countries during European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Country information List of Competent Authorities for the application of ADR including Chapter and notifications.

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More information about Turkey is available on the Turkey Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet. U.S.-TURKEY RELATIONS. The U.S.-Turkey friendship dates towhen the United States established diplomatic relations with the Ottoman Empire.

The background information of the country of turkey
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